Production Welding Services

Quality, Accuracy, and Capacity in Welding

There are important factors to consider when selecting a welding service to handle your welding requirements. Quality and Experience are by far the most important factors. But in Today’s manufacturing environment production capacity and the ability to meet delivery deadlines is also critical in meeting your goals.

ESCP has been providing production welding as a core service since 1994 using production welding in the fabrication of our returnable racks and containers as well as providing contract metal fabrication services to a wide range of OEMs and manufacturing companies across the country. Through our years of experience we have had the opportunity to work in different industries and product applications as well as applying different welding methods.

Welding Capabilities

We understand that having the capacity to weld both for ourselves and our clients is one of the reasons so many manufacturers choose ESCP as their welding vendor. To accomplish this goal, we have 4 dedicated weld lines with up to 34 weld stations and certified welders to fill each station. We flex work cells to meet demand and shipping requirements for our customer’s production needs. These cells meet efficiency and productivity goals.

We currently have: 35 MIG Welding Stations, 2 TIG Welding Stations, 1 SPOT Welding Station.

Production Weld Assembly

With over 24 years of production welding experience, we consider production weld assembly as one of our main services we offer. We use production weld assembly to make reusable shipping and stack racks, glass racks, carts, baskets, and tubs. When our weld lines are in full swing, we can produce 250 stack racks, shipping racks or portable racks per shift. We have experienced welders who are craftsmen and that are proud of their work. Quality and on time delivery is what we strive for. That is why our customers trust our welded products and order from us repeatedly.

Welding Quality

Our welding services meet and or exceed the demands of OEMs and industrial customers in the military, glass, tire, auto, and agricultural and construction industries. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and work closely with government and military clients who require a high level of accuracy and quality. We also provide inspection of our fabrication processes to ensure that the parts you receive meet the specifications you require. Our customers rely on the quality and strength of our welding every time they lift thousands of pounds of products.


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The ESCP Advantage

ESCP offers several unique value-added benefits to all our customers. We combine state of the art metal fabrication equipment, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, years of experience and quality certification to deliver world class shipping racks, wire baskets and carts. This also allows us to provide contract metal fabrication service to many manufacturers, and are able to meet customer needs in a variety of ways and eliminate the need for multiple metal fabrication companies.

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ESCP specializes in contract metal fabrication and manufacturing material handling racks and containers. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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