What are they?

A durable reusable plastic solution to store and or transport product in bulk or custom pack, utilizing reusable custom dunnage inserts.

Matcon uniquely offers both the bulk containers and custom dunnage solutions, as well as the expertise to determine the best configuration for your application.

Bulk container industry standard sizes

Standard Size Standard
Weight Capacities (Lbs.) Extended Length & Height Options Available
32 x 30 25 34 1200 to 1800 Contact Us for more details
40 x 48 25 34 1200 to 2500
45 x 48 25 34 1200 to 2500


Collapsibility feature for storage (for bulk applications)
Drop doors available (2 doors standard)
Four-way fork access
Pallet jack accessible
Lids available upon request
Container colors: black standard, custom colors available at additional cost (minimums may be required)
Label placards/ ID tags available upon request

Application benefits:

Reusability: Reduces long-term costs by eliminating the frequency of purchasing expendable packaging.
Cost Savings: Typically, offering a better ROI than expendable packaging.
Repairability: Doors and sides can be repaired, extending the life of the container, and reducing the cost of an entire replacement.
Recyclability: After a bulk container has served its use, the unit can be recycled, and the plastic reused in other applications as compared to traditional materials.
Durability: Heavy duty injection molded construction

Matcon helps you to select the right solution for your application:
Matcon works with you to identify key elements important to designing a bulk container that best meets your requirements. From the footprint of the container “standard” to the specific features and types of products being shipped, our engineering department takes your input and creates the right solution for your application.




The Matcon Advantage

Matcon provides solutions to our customers rather than simply mass produced products. We specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. Our design and engineering staff work with you to understand the specific requirements needed to provide the right solution. Honesty, Trust, and Dependability are why so many of our clients have used Matcon repeatedly.

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How may we help you?

Matcon specializes in designing custom solutions for packaging and material handling applications. We invite you to contact us with your requirements, questions, and quotation requests. A representative will be in contact with you quickly to assist you.

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