Keyway Cutting & Broaching Services

Internal Keyways

Keyways are a machined slot that enables a gear or other similar part to be firmly secured to a rotating shaft. Keyways offer a more secure way of locking a gear in place over set screws, because screws can become loose or break due to the forces applied on a rotating shaft.

A keyway is a slot cut into the inside of the gear and another clot on the rotating shaft creating a channel. A metal key is created that is inserted into the slot on the shaft. This allows the gear to fit over the key and lock it in place on the shaft. The key and keyway work to securely lock the gear to the shaft even when rotating.


Broaching is the actual machining process which creates the slots on the inside of the gear and shaft by removing metal from the part to create the slot. Precision machining is required to ensure that the keyways and keys fit and lock securely.


Our Capabilities

Tygart offers keyway cutting and broaching as a stand-alone service on parts supplied to us or as a overall capability of our machining and fabrication services. Our keyway machines enable us to produce slots as long as 17”. We work with you to understand your product and machining needs and use our years of experience to not only provide recommendations but to ensure consistent repeatable quality keyways.






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