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Tygart's ultrasonic cleaning is a superior method for removing dirt, debris, and oils from complex and intricate areas on parts, components, and tools.

Our process uses ultrasonic frequency vibrations generated in an enclosed tank that create microscopic bubbles in the solution to form. Once these bubbles reach a critical size, they implode creating an intense pulsing on part surface. This cavitation process gently but effectively loosens and removes soils from hard-to-reach areas and is aided with a cleaning solution to further break down and release dirt and contaminants.  Ultrasonic cleaning provides a more precise and thorough result that most traditional methods cannot perform as quickly or effectively.


This parts cleaning process will safely and effectively remove oil, dirt, carbon and many more contaminants from your components. It works on a variety of materials including most metals, plastics, glass, and ceramics without damaging the surface finish.

Cleaning parts can be a time-consuming process and requires specialized equipment and cleaners, Tygart can reduce your costs and time by performing the work for you. We have experience with a wide range of parts and materials and can accommodate your needs efficiently.


Types of Parts

Our cleaning works on a wide range of metrials and types of parts. It is most effective on items that have intricate details, blind holes, or tight recesses that are hard to reach. Typical parts and compnents include: Engine or Motor parts, industrial tools, computer hardware and circuit boards.





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Cleaning Process and Specifications

The Cleaning Process

Upon receiving your parts, Tygart determines how many parts can be run in the cleaning cycle to ensure the best results. The cleaning tank’s temperature and timing settings are entered, and the parts are loaded into a basket which is lowered into the tank. The lid is closed, and the process monitored until the cycle is complete. The parts are then removed and dried, packaged and shipped back to your location.

State of The Art Equipment

Our stainless steel ultrasonic tank holds 20 gallons of cleaning solution and can accommodate parts up to 18” x 18” x 20”. Our tanks feature a digital timer and temperature control to ensure the optimum cleaning settings for your specific parts. Parts are carefully loaded into a basket; our process is powerful enough to clean oilfield parts and gentle enough to handle computer components.

Cleaning Solutions

We only use heavy-duty industrial strength concentrated liquid cleaners designed to work with ultrasonic cleaning tanks. Our cleaners are engineered to break down hard to clean contaminates and are safe on various metals including copper, steel, glass, plastics, hard rubber, and ceramics. It can be used with aluminum for short exposure periods to remove tough contaminants.

How an Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Works

The unit is made up of 3 main components, The tank, a generator, and a transducer, these components generate sound waves which create cavitation bubbles that physically impact the target part and release contaminants from a surface.

1) The Tank: Is an enclosed unit that holds the cleaning liquid and the electrical components that generate sound waves and convert them into mechanical energy.

2) Ultrasonic Generator: This is the power source that sends high-voltage electrical impulses to the transducer.

3) Ultrasonic Transducer: This is the key component to the unit, it takes the electrical impulses and generates sound waves (Vibrations) above the range of human hearing that cause cavitation, which cleans the part.

4) Cavitation: This is the process when sound waves create a cavity or bubbles in the liquid. The bubble implodes violently which a force that releases contaminants from the surface of the submerged part, thus providing the cleaning action.

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