CNC Tube Bending & Fabrication

Precision Tube Bending

At Tygart, we offer both traditional hand bending and precision CNC tube bending services to maximize efficiency and quality. Our products have been used on commercial air compressors, locomotives, turbines, oil field equipment, industrial processing equipment, and many others. Tygart provides tube bending services to a wide variety of industries, including: the energy industry, aerospace, transportation, and for a wide array of industrial processes.

CNC Tube Bending & Traditional Bending Methods

Our CNC can deliver repeatability of precision bends - guaranteeing that, from the first part to the last bend, they meet our customers’ exact tolerances. For projects that require intricate or unorthodox bends, we have the skill and experience to produce them using mixed methods of bending. All of our work is thoroughly inspected to ensure that our client’s expectations are met each and every time.


Let’s Get Started on Your Project

Provide us with your detailed print, XYZ Bend Coordinates, or a STEP file and we can develop the tube that you require, no matter how complex the shape. We also offer engineering and design services for your tube bending application. We can recommend material types, diameters, wall thicknesses and common bend radii to help you reduce costs!


End Finishing

After fabrication of your tubing or pipe, we have the capabilities to form and finish off the ends, according to what your completed assembly requires.

Several types of end finishes include:

Bead Forming
SAE Flaring
90° Face Flanging (ORFS)
Compression Fitting Installation
Parker Ermeto EO-2 Fitting Installation
Brazed-On Fittings and Weld-On Flanges.


We can assemble, couple, kit & package to your requirements.






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