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What Sets Us Apart...

T-Tygart Industries, Inc. is a full-service machining, fabrication and remanufacturing facility. Unlike a typical machine shop, our establishment offers a much larger variety of value-added services. With our knowledgeable, experienced, and personable staff, your next project can be simpler than you could ever imagine. We offer you the option of being able to eliminate multiple suppliers and multi-sourcing on your projects. We have the knowledge and experience to properly approach, plan, and execute a project in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have many in-house capabilities, and a large network of suppliers that enable us to handle all aspects of your project - from conception to completion. We can not only be your service-provider; we can be your sole-service provider. Here at T-Tygart Industries, Inc., we can help design, draw, build, and test your products, whether it be one part, multiple pieces, or stocking your items. We can help to save you both time and money by leaving all your daunting dirty work and time-consuming multi-surfing to us.

With over 25 years of manufacturing and customer experience, we at T-Tygart Industries, Inc. pride ourselves on both quality of work and customer satisfaction. We are driven and seek to build long-lasting, personable relationships with our customers. We are a company that is large enough to provide quality, top-notch service, yet still small enough to accommodate our customers on a personal level. We take extra steps to make sure you get a product you are happy with. We make a commitment to all our customers - to provide them with the best and easiest purchasing experience, as well as high-quality, affordable products that they are satisfied with. Our goal is to be the first company that comes to mind when you need a source for a product or service.


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