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Truck inspections are not only critical to keeping your truck safe and reliable, but they are also required to operate your vehicle. Inspections also help to identify any potential problems with the truck that could lead to an accident or breakdown. Regular inspections can help to reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns, as well as help to maintain the truck's performance and efficiency. 

NOGA Services provides both PA State Inspection services as well as Federal inspections. Our team of experienced technicians can not only provide inspections but can also identify issues before they become expensive repairs or cause bigger damage.

NOGA is an Official PennDot Inspection Station

We offer the same parts and experienced mechanics just like the dealerships but at a savings to help you get back on the road.

NOGA Services Provides Federal INspections

Federal law requires commercial motor vehicles, such as semi-trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds, must have a federal inspection. Having these inspections done will ensure all components of the truck are safe and do not pose a risk to anyone. NOGA Services is a certified Federal Inspection Station.

Call us today to schedule inspection service at our shop on Route 51 just South of the Elizabeth, PA.

PA Inspection Station

Federal Inspection Station

PA State Inspection Station

NOGA Services is an official PA State Inspection Station and is qualified to conduct PA State Inspections.

What does a PA State Inpscetion Cover

Steering & Suspension
Tires & Wheels
Auto-Electrical & Lighting
Defrosters & Windshield Wipers
Speedometer & Odometer
Horn, Headlight, Signal lights & Hazard Lights
Fuel System
Exhaust & Muffler

We invite you to call and schedule service as well as ask us about an issue your having with your Semi or about our services.

Federal Truck Inspections

Federal Law requires that commercial trucks and vehicles are inspected to ensure the truck works appropriately and avoids mechanical failures thus protecting your driver and others on the road. Our Federal inspection service can identify other issues that may lead to failure or damage and can save you a lot of time and money by detecting the issues before they become bigger problems.

What does a Federal inspection cover?

    Cargo Fastening
    Coupling Devices
    Exhaust System
    Fuel System
    Steering Wheel
    Turn Signals
    Windshield Wipers


Have a questions or need to schedule a service appointment click to contact us online or call us at (412) 384-0400. We look forward to assisting you.

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